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Suffering and gas masks

Film about the memorial to the Concentration Camp Conti Limmer (Guest contribution)

On the grounds of the future new settlement „Wasserstadt Limmer“ there will soon be a memorial to a concentration camp of the Nazi Era

  Wolfgang Becker | 12.08.2019

"Hannover cosmopolitan"

From the vision to the practice

Live multiplicity together Report about the impulse event in the Faust-Warenannahme in June 2019.

  Martin Tönnies | M Puya Eslami | 16.07.2019

"Flow Garden"

The floating gardens of Hannover

Educational and research project on the Maschteich, Autumn Festival planned for the 3rd.of October .

  Martin Tönnies | 21.05.2019

Weeks against racism

The WiH Team have produced a clip about this theme

Based on an idea by

  M. Puya Eslami | 18.03.2019

Project introduction

"Move it!"

  Martin Tönnies | 05.03.2019

Uni-Bau Nordstadt

Planned "Leibniz School of Education" is meeting criticism

Residents are putting up resistance against the building of a huge teaching block in the residential district Im Moore. The university is not impressed and is pushing ahead with the project.

  Wolfgang Becker | Martin Tönnies | 28.01.2019

The Second World War

Once uopn a time in Hannover

On Hannover's " Black Day" a huge attack carried out by the Royal Air Force with 540 planes completely destroyed the city on the night of 9thOctober 1943.

  Natalia Hartung | 08.10.2018

Weltkindertag 2018

Children need space

Motto for the World children's Day on 20.09.2018

  Natalia Hartung | 18.09.2018

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