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25.01. | 7 pm

Pressefreiheit in Afghanistan

Press freeedom in Afghanistan

What has really changed since the takeover of powe by the Taliban ?

With the Afghan writer and journalist Mahsa Taee and Tillmann Schmalzried, Afghanistan expert at Amnesty International.


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After the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001, the Afghan writer and journalist Mahsa Taee was instrumental in the reconstruction of Afghanistan as a member of the Constituent Assembly and as a political editor for various newspapers, including as editor-in-chief of the largest Afghan daily newspaper, Payman Daily. She wrote the daily political commentary for them, in which she denounced corruption and abuse of power by the Afghan elites. The newspaper was eventually banned by then-President Karzai, forcing Mahsa Taee to go into exile in Germany with her family in 2009.

Since then she has been fighting from here for a free and democratic Afghanistan. The Taliban's takeover of power in August 2021 was not just a shock for them. Together with her and Tillmann Schmalzried, Afghanistan expert at Amnesty International, the organizers would like to talk about freedom of the press in Afghanistan – before and after the Taliban took power. Because who better than Mahsa Taee to report on whether or to what degree press freedom ever existed in Afghanistan and what the changed political situation now means for journalists. Participation is free. Registration is required and if possible at Meinungsfreiheit@amnesty-hannover.de. . You will receive the link to the events in good time before the event.

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