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„Love without borders“

Two exhibitions with works by refugees in the Kunsthalle Faust

The exhibition in the Kunsthalle Faust is a strong witness to the transformational power of art.

  Jürgen Castendyk | 10.08.2021

The burning refugee camp Moria on the Greek island of Lesbos was in the headlines for days. Despite the protests against the EU's refugee policy, the catastrophic situation in the refugee camps on the Greek islands and on the mainland has not improved significantly. The shortcomings of the Greek asylum system in connection with the refusal of the other EU countries to take in the refugees continue to lead to inhumane conditions. The overwhelmed Greek authorities cannot even provide protection from gender-based violence in many camps. Long-term life in remote camps also means exclusion from Greek society. It weakens refugees' ability to give perspective to their lives. Left alone with the trauma of displacement, self-determined solutions cannot be found. Can your own art help the refugees?

The transformative power of art

The Greek non-governmental organization Love without borders provides refugees free of charge with materials so that they can be artistically active in the refugee camps around Athens and in shared apartments in the capital. The exhibition in the Kunsthalle Faust is a strong testimony to the transformative power of art. “The exhibited works communicate the feelings, experiences and inner workings of the artists with just a few materials. The longing for or a reminder of normalcy. ”This is what the informative catalog says. Paintings by children, adolescents and adults, including trained artists, are exhibited. What is special about the exhibition: the works can be bought immediately at affordable prices. The proceeds will go to the artists alone.

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Ngwa Afandi Neba_Künstlerportrait
Ngwa Afandi Neba
Ngwa Afandi Neba_Künstlerportrait
Ngwa Afandi Neba

The artist Ngwa Afandi Neba from Cameroon, who was present at the vernissage on August 8, was delighted in a conversation about the interest shown by visitors to the exhibition. In Cameroon the situation is "violent and politically hostile". Ngwa comes from a creative family who promoted his artistic interests at an early age. He fled via Turkey to the refugee camp on the island of Chios. He wants to stay in Athens and work as an artist there. Ngwa would like people to believe in their own talent and use their freedom to express themselves creatively. He hopes his art will “brighten faces and dispel the sadness and pain. So I can send out signals of hope. "

“Fear, Escape, Dream, Longing” - a photo exhibition

In the second room of the Kunsthalle, Frehiwet Negasi-Wache is exhibiting three large-format photos. She was born in Asmara (Eritrea). To escape the war between her home country and Ethiopia, she came to Hanover with her family at the end of the 1970s. She was eight years old then. Negasi-Wache studied communication design and worked for NDR television. She lives with her own family in Hamburg. “My memories of Eritrea and its culture are mainly based on stories from my parents and people from the diaspora. In order to compare real places with my dream images and childhood memories, I traveled to Eritrea again and again, ”she said in an interview. The photos exhibited are part of projects with photo series about Eritrea on the subject of "Escape and Dream". In the future, Negasi-Wache wants to work as a freelance photo artist, she said at the end.

The exhibition, which is well worth seeing, will be shown until Sunday, August 15. It is open Monday through Friday from 4pm to 8pm; Saturday and Sunday from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.

On Friday, 14th August, from 7 pm an evening event will take place in the Kunsthalle on the theme of flight . The artist Künstler Ngwa Afandi Neba will be there

Before the finissage (start: 5 p.m.) on Sunday, August 15, there will be an online event on the subject of escape at 4 p.m

More details on the evening event and access to the virtual event will soon be available on the website

www.lovewithoutbordershannover.com zu erfahren.

Photos: 1 - 4 Team Love without Borders, 5 + 6 Frehiwet Negasi-Wache

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