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Willi Schlüter als Vito Fiorino_Theater in der List

Play "The boat is full" - book now!

with Willi Schlüter as Vito Fiorino

The play “THE BOAT IS FULL! “By Antonio Umberto Riccò can be booked again by organizers (e.g. schools) after the long lockdown.

Theater monologue by Antonio Umberto Riccò after the staged reading: “A morning before Lampedusa” with Willi Schlüter as Vito Fiorino.


Thematically and in terms of content, the play is based on the successful staged reading "A Morning Before Lampedusa". The play "THE BOAT IS FULL" goes beyond the limits of documentary description of the facts that shape the reading and opens up a completely new perspective on the consequences of the refugee movement in our society.

With Vito, a person on stage comes to life from sober numbers and media headlines, with feelings, contradictions and honest questions. Using the example of Vito Fiorino, who runs a small ice cream parlor on Lampedusa, the audience experiences the confrontation with the catastrophe and its consequences that can still be felt years later. Compassion and empathy, anger and powerlessness, but also hope and humanity characterize the piece “THE BOAT IS FULL”.

It is not a description of a heroic act, but a humble attempt to find meaning in the event (and in life itself). Slowly the audience will understand that Vito and his friends were faced with this task only by chance. They were just where we could have been. They only did what had to be done - and probably most people would, too. The story thus becomes a confrontation with our social responsibility, our values ​​and contradictions.

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Thanks to the co-financing of Niedersächsischen Lotto-Sport-Stiftung ( the Lower Saxony Lotto Sport Foundation), the Theater in der List can offer a certain number of guest performances throughout Lower Saxony at a special price of only € 250 per performance *.

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