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Hadi Safiri

Art in a shop window+ online

Interactive artist discussion on Instagram in two languages

As a kick-of to the Vernissage of the shop window exhibition "Dazwischen"(in between) the Iranian artist Hadi Safiri answers questions on 9th May in lifestream on Instagram from online visitors

  Claudia Ermel | 10.05.2021

Unfortunately, guests at this vernissage had to provide themselves with champagne and appetizers. Alone at home in front of the smartphone or tablet display. On this Sunday, every visitor had the opportunity to ask the artist exclusively - about his works, his visions, the techniques used, and also about future exhibitions. Hannah Terhorst from kargah e.V. moderated the interview with the artist Hadi Safiri by reading out all questions from the audience - asked in the parallel chat - to the creative. Safiri replied in detail in German and then again in Persian. His fans in the Iranian community also got their money's worth, regardless of the language. In 'real life', meanwhile, the pictures are exhibited in the shop windows of the kargah kiosk in Starkestrasse 19a.

“In between” - fantasy meets reality

He has been painting intensively for three years, said Safiri when he introduced himself at the beginning of the interview. His large-format work of art, in front of which he stood during the entire conversation, gave the audience a tiny glimpse of the artist's multifaceted oeuvre. “In between” - fantasy meets reality is the theme of the vernissage. With this theme, Safiri combines Persian fairy tales with elements from the present in his art. Women's faces, sometimes different, are filled with ancient symbols from Iranian tales.

His inspirations, templates and picture elements of the works, which are reminiscent of a mixture of collages and cubist paintings, draw from a huge pool of fairy tales, pictures, dreams and imaginative ornaments.

"There is no separation in nature"

In the interview, Safiri explained that art is a very good way of expressing "what we think, what we feel". He described his view of the world, in which there is not just either / or, fantasy and reality, good or bad. Safiri wants to show the versatility, the ambivalence of the individual people. He succeeds in this by merging different techniques such as printing, calligraphy and painting, different themes from fantasy and reality and contrasting materials such as acrylic and chalk. Because "in nature there is no separation," he said.

Faces of women as a frame

Safiri described the importance of calligraphy in connection with poetry in his homeland as an essential impetus for the appropriate mixing of the individual components in his works. Relief-like raised letters (3D) can also be found in the pictures to motivate the viewer to 'touch' them. And while his faces, which often form the framework for ornamental patterns, pictures and borders, always showed kings or queens at the beginning, he meanwhile also uses templates from real people from his environment. Safiri said that every now and then he was given photos and asked to use them as a template for a picture. When asked from the audience whether he only shows the faces of women and none of men, Safiri clearly replies in the negative.

Die letzte Live-Ausstellung seiner Werke war in einem Freizeitheim in Garbsen. Für Dezember 2021 ist eine Präsentation in der Galerie Luise in Hannover geplant. Dort soll dann auch die Möglichkeit bestehen, einzelne Bilder zu erwerben.

Bis zum 18.06. können Interressierte sich seine Bilder in den Schaufenstern des kargah-Kiosks in der Stärkestraße 19a anschauen. Außerdem hat Hadi

The last live exhibition of his works was in a leisure home in Garbsen. A presentation in the Galerie Luise in Hanover is planned for December 2021. There should then also be the opportunity to purchase individual images.

Until June 18 Interested people can look at his pictures in the shop windows of the kargah kiosk in Starkestrasse 19a. In addition, Hadi Safiri

has a homepage with gallery.

The interview to the exhibition opening on instagram can be found here . A further interview with Hadi Safiri will be published by kargah e.V. Mid May .

Photos of the Shop Window Exhibition: Martin Tönnies

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