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Open letter

AfD: "MiSO presents a partner society" - from the MiSO-board Dr. Tatiana Czepurnyi

Open letter to the Hannoverian councellor Frank Jacobs, AfD (Alternative for Germany).

  Dr. Tatiana Czepurnyi | 16.03.2021

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

I do not believe that I can change your mind with my letter, but I really wanted to answer your statement at the meeting of the International Committee of the City of Hanover on February 18, 2021.

You said that you do not support the MiSO network because it presents a parallel society. But the exact opposite is the case!

I was born in Germany, but for decades I lived in a parallel society, the Russian-speaking community. Neither the other migrant communities nor the German majority population interested me. I also have German friends and colleagues, but I never actually took the initiative.

I didn't think local elections were important. I took part in the other elections from time to time. When the MiSO network was founded in 2010, my association Tolstoi Hilfs- und Kulturwerk Hannover e.V. was founded by the curator of the community fund for coexistence, Dr. Koralia Sekler asked to join the network. We agreed. Since then, I've been in the coordination group and since the association was founded in 2012 on the board. My interest in urban society and the other migrant associations has been aroused. Together we supported the local elections with our project “Join in!” And advertised people going to the ballot box on the street. In the “Exchanging and Flying Out” project, we encouraged people to get to know each other. Otherwise, our work is also geared towards making our contribution to coexistence in urban society, also by drawing attention to the problems and skills of the migrant population.

What I would like to tell you - through MiSO, the parallel societies are not created, but broken up. The establishment of a party would be the logical next step in shaping the common urban society.

With best regards

Dr. Tatiana Czepurnyi

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