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Culture Capital with no culture at all

What is Hanover without the ‚Roter Faden‘? Saving at the wrong end
certainly damages the movement for a Culture Capital

  Claudia Ermel | 16.05.2020

If this is not a coup d'etat that could make us a mockery of Europe. "The preservation of the Red Thread, the brushstroke that passes Hanover's most beautiful sights, is uncertain. In some places, the colour has already faded. City cleaning machines also contribute to damage when brushing over the line." ( HAZ) Mr President, I would like to thank

70 litres of paint are needed annually to recreate ( Roten Faden Hannovers ) Hanover's red thread. The tourism company no longer wants to bear the costs of repairs. How can this suddenly be? Since 1970, the red thread has marked a 4.2 kilometre long line painted with red paint on the pavement. The 'Route for Cultural Tourists' to the sights of Hanover runs along pedestrian paths and crosses numerous streets. It is considered a popular navigation for visitors and also for Hanoverians.

Did the tourism company run out of accompanying books? "Hannover Marketing und Tourismus GmbH has published a booklet of the same name, explaining the course with the individual stations. This accompanying brochure is available in ten different languages," is the information on thecity's internet page (.Internetseite der Stadt ) Is it out of print now? Sure, that would be embarrassing, but certainly to fix by 2025.

Or does someone (perhaps from Hildesheim or Magdeburg?) want to scratch the good image of their competitor to the European Capital of Culture application and has bribed the Tourism GmbH ? At the moment there are conspiracy theories, wherever women turn. Since Corona at the latest, the strangest groups have formed, some citizens feel threatened by the government, the parties, the trade union, refugees, the neighbours or, optionally, Putin, Erdogan or Trump. Suddenly, the Germans also leave their comfort zone to take to the streets. The affluent society, the steady economic growth, the black zero are crumbling. But it is not possible that culture will end up falling by the wayside.

Do we have to take to the streets now because of a few buckets of red paint? Or should we be seriously concerned that Corona's latest victim is the application process for the European Capital of Culture, Übersterblichkeitt the over-mortality of culture has, so to speak, long since overwhelmed Hanover?

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Welt-in-Hannover.de bedankt sich herzlich für die tolle Unterstützung bei den vielen ehrenamtlichen Helferinnen und Helfern, sowie zahlreichen Organisationen und hofft auf weitere gute Zusammenarbeit.

Schirmherrin des Projekts Welt-in-Hannover.de ist Frau Doris Schröder-Köpf, Landesbeauftragte für Migration und Teilhabe.

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