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Current Events

Due to the current events surrounding the COVID 19 virus, many events will not take place. As the changes often occur at very short notice, we ask you to contact the organizers directly.


17.04. | 7pm

Duo Loco

Live Stream in the series "the golden Saturday"

The Duo Loco consists of Alice Hoffmann (mezzo-soprano) and Vladimir Gorup (accordion). The musical journey begins in Spain with the canciones populares españolas, seven Spanish folk songs from different regions of Spain that deal with the subject of love in a playful, serious or tragic way.

It continues with the fiery and freedom-loving Carmen, the in love but self-determined Rosina, the deeply desperate Charlotte and the tearful singing Grace Collins (“The Desert Song”), to the emancipated, slightly “abysmal” women types in the songs of Kurt Weill.

An event in the series “The Golden Saturday”

A cooperation of the state capital Hanover, Central Affairs Culture and District Culture with Faust-TV




17.04. | 7.30pm

Woyzeck on the digital stage

In the main role Sebastian Nakajew is on the stage .

Woyzeck – „a good guy and a poor devil“ – is a soldier and is poorly paid . Link


10.,-€ / 20,-€

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22.04. | 8pm


The Hannover-Culture-Talk

The work of association-supported district cultural institutions using the example of two institutions in Hainholz and Kleefeld

Hainholz - the district check

Kleefeld - the district check

A city tour through Hainholz and Kleefeld

Studio guests: tba

The special shop: tba

Live music: Joy Bogat & Band

The literary word for Friday: Tobias Kunze

Check out the Live-Stream!



Pub Quiz

23.04. | 7.30pm

Pub Quiz Home Edition

Game fun on Friday night

Meet up online with friends and join in our quiz in teams



Dornröschen Quartett

24.04. | 7pm


Live-Stream in the series "the golden Saturday"

Niklas Turmann, Daniel Scholz, Lennart Voß and Johannes Keller form the Sleeping Beauty Quartet and have been part of the very lively music scene in Hanover for several years. You know each other from your studies at the Hanover University of Music.

However, they have only discovered making music together and their love for jazz in recent years. But this love is all the more intimate. In a quartet, the four play a selection of well-known jazz classics from the Great American Songbook with two acoustic guitars, double bass and drums.

An event in the series “The Golden Saturday”

A cooperation of the state capital Hanover, Central Affairs Culture and District Culture with Faust-TV



Ausstellung Dazwischen von Hadi Safiri_Bild 2

09.05. | 11:00 - 16:00 Uhr

Ausstellungseröffnung „Dazwischen“

Exhibition opening "in between"

With the artist Hadi Safiri

Exhibition “in between” - fantasy meets reality

The exhibition runs from 10.05. until June 18, 2021.




Stärkestraße 26
30451 Hannover
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Ausstellung Dazwischen von Hadi Safiri_Bild 2

10.05. - 18.06.

Kunstausstellung „Dazwischen“

Art exhibition " in between"

Fantasy meets reality

The artist Hadi Safiri shows in his art oriental fairy tales combined with occidental objects. Excerpts from Persian fairy tales are combined with modern symbols and new imagery is created. Women's faces from today are filled with old symbols and figures from Persian stories and let us plunge into the thoughts of the artist.


free / registation required


Stärkestraße 19a
30451 Hannover
Google Maps

Flyer zum ukrainischen Kochkurs am 29.05.2021

29.05. | 10 am-1pm

Ukrainischer Kochkurs online

Ukrainian cookery course on line

In this cookery course you will learn fouur Ukrainian recipes

Anmeldung ( registration required )

Sobald Ihre Gebühr eingegangen ist, erhalten Sie die Einkaufsliste und die Rezepte.


18,10 € including food costs / registration required

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