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Bürgerschule Nordstadt

Today | 7pm

Literaturcafè Ernst Toller (1893-1939)

Literature Cafè Ernst Toller (1893-1939)

Tobias Hainer reads selected texts of the author

The German writer and playwright was also a politician and left socialist revolutionary. As a temporary chairman of the Bavarian USPD and protagonist of the short-lived Munich Soviet Republic, he was arrested after their suppression in June 1919 and sentenced to five years imprisonment a month later. Already during his imprisonment, he was best known for his plays as one of the leading representatives of literary expressionism in the Weimar Republic. He wrote among many things numerous letters and dramas like A Youth in Germany (Autobiography, 1933) or Oops We Live (Drama, 1927).




Klaus-Müller-Kilian-Weg 2
30167 Hannover
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23.08. | 3pm

Der Flüchtlingsrat Niedersachsen feiert 35. Geburtstag

The refugee council Lower Saxony celebrates its 35,,birthday

with a music programme in the Biergarten

For 35 years, we have been at the side of refugees, supporting them in their struggles and demanding their rights. 35 years of fighting for recognition and against recurring roll-backs, full of successes and defeats. Moving movement. Reason enough to celebrate!
On Friday, the 23rd of August, the time has come! At the FAUST site in Hannover, we open the doors of the beer garden at 3 pm.
Music programme
Bahaa Almansour and Band (4pm)
SP Music (5pm)
Mariprosa (6.30pm)
Makatumbe (8.30pm
In addition to the history of the Refugee Council, contemporary witnesses and information, there will be a varied children's programme.




"Gretchen" Biergarten
Zur Bettfedernfabrik 3
30451 Hannover
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Ukrainischer Verein in Niedersachsen e.V._Logo

24.08. | 3pm

Sommerfest des ukrainischen Vereins

Summer Festival of the Ukrainian Society

with games dancing and delicious food.

Everybody in Hannover is cordially invited to participate in the colourful summer party of the Ukrainian Association

-to the club


Posthornstraße 27
30449 Hannover
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Queeres Jugendzentrum

25.08. | 11am

Hannover bekommt ein Queeres Jugendzentrum

Hannover gets a queer youth centre

Opening Ceremony

The time has come:
Hannover gets a queer youth centre sponsored by Andersraum e.V. The youth centre is the first of its kind in Lower Saxony and is made possible by numerous supporters. We are very grateful.
We cordially invite you to the opening ceremony.


Königsworter Straße 13
30167 Hannover
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25.08. | 2.30pm

SPIEL:ZEIT im Kulturtreff Roderbruch

PLAY TIME in the Kulturtreff Roderbruch

today: Theatre with Patricia Harlos and modelling with Sandra Materia

Programme with artistic direction for parents and children from 6 - 12 years of age.




Rotekreuzstraße 19
30627 Hannover
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25.08. | 2.30pm-4.30pm

SPIEL:ZEIT im Stadtteiltreff Sahlkamp

PLAY TIME in the Kulturtreff Sahlkamp

Today: Flower Art & Shadow Theatre with Angela Mielke & Anne Suilmann

Programme with artistic direction for parents and children from 6 - 12 .




Elmstraße 15
30657 Hannover
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Grillen vegetarisch_Symbolbild

25.08. | 3pm-7pm

Sommerpicknick im Welfengarten

Summer Picnic in the Welfengarten

Te neighbourhood circle Hannover-Mitte sends out an invitation

There will be a barbecue The volunteers from the neighbourhood and their escorted refugees contribute a colourful potpourri of salads, dips and other side dishes.




hinter der Leibniz-Universität
30167 Hannover
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30.08. | 2pm-3.30pm

Umgang mit Hunden

Handling of dogs

Workshop for children and young people from 6-16 years of age, with Poldi




Rotekreuzstraße 19
30627 Hannover
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