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1. Mai Demo 01

1st. May 2019 in Hannover

Not just any public holiday

Alongside concerts, folk festivals and other events there were also political activities on May1st.in Hannover. Almost 2000 people took part in a demonstration under the motto "Fist high!".

  Torben Danielowski | 03.05.2019

In addition to the usual concerts, festivals and other events such as the DGB rally this year in Hannover there was an alliance called for a "militant May 1 demo" . Under the motto " fist up!" At lunchtime, up to 2,000 people (organizer information) moved from the Lutherkirche in Nordstadt via the city centre to Linden for the International 1st May Festival at the Faust. The main focus was on the demands for affordable housing, the end of German arms exports and consistent climate protection.

1. Mai Demo 02
1. Mai Demo 02

Diverse contents

Especially young people were among the leaders in the protest march. Also over the loudspeaker car young people talked about the topic of climate change among other things . "It can not be that the profit is more important than the future of the next generation and the environment.Therefore, we demand consistent climate protection instead of coal industry and corporate profit," said a representative of the youth group "Active Creative Left". Other speeches included one about Halim Dener, who was shot 25 years ago at Steintor, the gentrification of entire districts and the largely poor or unpaid work of women. The Hannover "Seebrücke" also supported the demonstration and called on the city of Hanover to actively assume its responsibility for supporting the rescue operation in order to end the dying in the Mediterranean.

1. Mai Demo 03
1. Mai Demo 03

"The fight for better housing is a class struggle"

Behind a banner with large "Expropriate" lettering, a separate block on the subject of housing was formed. The initiative "Nordstadt solidarity" had made an appeal under the motto "the shitty rents are too high". "No profits with the rent" was not only to be read on signs, but also rang out again and again as a slogan from the crowd. The problem of rising rents and the concomitant displacement of long-established and low-paid workers from their neighbourhoods has experienced a dramatic increase in relevance in recent years. Nationwide it is being hotly debated about demands for expropriations of real estate companies. In Hannover a recent over 50 per cent increase in rents in Kronsberg and in Garbsen has produced headlines in the press.

1. Mai Demo 04
1. Mai Demo 04

Without incident to the Faustwiese

Despite a fairly large police force, the action went off without any major incidents. Only a few glass bottles and a few small smoke bombs made the law enforcement forces restless. By contrast, the demonstrators and photographers were well received.

After the demonstration procession on Nedderfeldstraße ended right in front of the Faust Festival, the crowd dispersed and strolled on to the already fast-filling meadow at the Faust. As every year, there was a big stage with live music, a number of drinks and food stalls, as well as several information booths from various groups such as the Iranian Forum of Democrats and Socialists, tenant initiatives and also Welt-in-Hannover.

1. Mai Demo 05
1. Mai Demo 05

A new tradition?

During the afternoon, representatives of the demonstration also had their say on the big stage about their thematic priorities, while in the background they were dismissed as quickly as possible and the stage was set up for the next band. Whether every year a "militant May 1 Demo" is planned in Hannover, is not yet known. There certainly woudn't be any harm done if there was a more political character on this historic day

The photos were used with the friendly permission of Korona Photography .At Felix Dressler you will find further pictures from the demonstration.

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