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European Elections

Why are European elections important ?

Hello. My name is Jasmin and I am doing an internship at Welt-in-Hannover.de. I researched whats important about the european elections.

  Jasmin Jemel | 24.04.2019

On May 26, 2019, European elections will take place in Germany. But despite the increasing importance of the elections, fewer and fewer citizens vote. Especially young people see no reason to vote. Many do not draw a direct link between the EU and our living conditions in Germany.

However, the EU has more influence on our daily lives than is apparent at first glance. Thus, not only the exports of Germany are secured by the internal market or the travel between different countries for EU citizens simplified, but also laws are made that really affect our everyday lives . For example, the EU has ensured clean drinking water and improved the air we breathe through quality standards, and has reduced the costs of phone calls and flights.

The European Parliament's direct reference to the lives of EU citizens makes it important for them to be able to decide what they want to stand for through the elections. This allows EU citizens aged 18+ to vote for the country in which they live. Thus one has an influence on the occupation of the 96 German representatives of the 751 deputies. The election of deputies is important because they represent the opinions of the citizens. However, if there are citizens who do not vote, a very one-sided and distorted image of opinion is created. This quickly creates dissatisfaction among the citizens, which one can easily handle. So if you have the chance to vote, you should do that too.

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