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Beratungssituation_Arbeitsmarktberatung für geflüchtete Frauen

Refugee women / Work

Between culturalization, legal uncertainty and small steps

Thoughts about possible prejudices in the labour market advice given to refugee women and a reflective and fair
attitude towards these women.

  Waltraud Kämper | 05.03.2019

Rona * 32 years, faithful Muslim, mother of 2 children / Nour * 25, from Syria, pregnant, headscarf / Famia * 28, from Afghanistan, her German difficult to understand. Often it is no longer what we know when a refugee woman comes into the consultation. Which pictures then click in the head of the consultant? What do you mean: which of these women would like to sell cars - wants to stay at home with her child - would like to work in her job as an electrical engineer - or would like to take an apprenticeship as a financial economist?The woman still encounters foreign / refugee women with a narrow, culturally coloured look. And this has been reinforced again since religion - yes, more precisely Islam - has become an all-declaring matter in Germany. About Muslims, women generally know what "they" are for a picture of women, and how women are "domesticated" there ...

Whether the other party is a socialist Muslim or a strictly religious, a holiday-believer or a cosmopolitan Muslim - that is usually not explored, often not even thought about. "Foreign women disappear in the collectivity, usually every form of individuality is denied- the people from the dominant culture take advantage of them as a matter of course," said Prof. Dr. med. Prasad from the Alice-Salomon-Hochschule Berlin.

The word should have spread: Refugees have among other things great stamina, adaptability and organizational skills proven while on the run . They bring life, study and work experience from their countries of origin - albeit often without certificates. More than one in three women worked before fleeing - less than in Germany, yes, but little is known about the reasons for this and their ideas of life. Who wants to know this and value it as a resource for employment in Germany? Which employer will share with them the legal uncertainty, whether they will be allowed to stay and whether it is worthwhile to invest in their further education, and gives them a career opportunity?

Anyone who does not take account of gender and integration-specific, legal or economic aspects in counseling or in job interviews will not do justice to their counterpart and undermine the power of action of refugee women. Every woman, no matter what colour or orientation, is an individual. In (professional) counselling, the individual case must always be seen and questioned and the structural obstacles must be taken into account. And domestic door-openers are needed to encourage women to show off their strengths and abilities, and to be willing to acknowledge them.

Some former participants of "Ponte - Bridges in the Labour Market" have found work in the desired area after many unsuccessful applications ... others are still waiting to be invited.

By the way, Rona is an electrical engineer, Famia is a teacher, but would love to sell cars and Nour hopes to find a nursery and apprenticeship place half a year after giving birth

.* Name has been changed.

Guest contribution from the newspaper of the Hannoversche Frauenbündnis on International Women's Day, issue 2019.

Photo: Waltraud Kämper

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